On Board

It is our goal at EgyptAir to ensure our passengers have a safe, comfortable trip and arrive at their destinations in good health. Even though flying can sometimes be stressful, there are ways of alleviating muscle aches and swollen feet as well as stimulating blood circulation which results in a more comfortable journey. Please consult your doctor if you have a medical condition or temporary health problem, including pregnancy. Do not attempt exercise if you feel any strain on the muscles involved.

General measures to reduce the effects of jet lag may include:

  • Be well-rested before departure and rest as much as possible during the flight.
  • Drink plenty of water and/or juices before and throughout the flight.
  • Eat light meals and limit consumption of tea, coffee and alcohol before and during the flight.
  • Stay out in the natural daylight or in brightly–lit areas at appropriate times during the day to help adjust more quickly to the time zone of the destination.

Airlines reserve the right to refuse to carry passengers with conditions where adverse effects or hazard may result during the flight.

Frequent travelers who are permanently or chronically incapacitated may obtain a frequent travelers medical card from the airline’s medical department. This card is accepted, under specified conditions, as proof of medical clearance and for identification of the holder s incapacitation.

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