​​​​ Tickets Notice

Carriage and other services provided by EGYPTAIR are subject to the conditions of carriage, which are hereby incorporated by reference. These conditions may be obtained at www.egyptair.com or by requesting a copy from EGYPTAIR. this itinerary / receipt constitutes the passenger ticket for the purposes of article 3 of the Warsaw Convention and the Montreal Convention, except where EGYPTAIR delivers to the passenger another document complying with the requirements of article 3. Further information may be obtained from EGYPTAIR. With this ticket you will receive a set of notices which forms part of the ticket and contains the conditions of ‘contract and other important notices”. Please make sure that you have received these notices, and if not, contact EGYPTAIR or your travel agent to obtain copies prior to the commencement of your trip.



7 Air transportation on EGYPTAIR is subject to EGYPTAIR’s conditions of carriage. They include terms governing, for example: limits on our liability for personal injury or death of passengers, and for loss, damage or delay of baggage; claim restrictions, including time periods within which you must file a claim or bring an action against us; our right to change terms of the contract; check-in requirements and other rules establishing when we may refuse carriage; and our rights and limits of our liability for delay or failure to perform service; including schedule changes, substitution of alternative air carriers or aircraft, and rerouting. These terms are incorporated by reference into our contract with you. You may obtain more information and the full text of our conditions of carriage at www.egyptair.com, or by requesting a copy from EGYPTAIR.


Passengers on journey involving an ultimate destination or a stop in a country other than the country of departure are advised that international treaties known as the Montreal Convention, or its predecessor, the Warsaw Convention, including its amendments ( The Warsaw Convention system), may apply to the entire journey, including any portion thereof within a country. For such passengers, the applicable treaty including special contracts of carriage embodied in any applicable tariffs, governs and will limits the liability of the carrier. For domestic flights where point of arrival and departure lays within the territory of Egypt, carrier’s liability shall be subject to the applicable Egyptian law of commerce Article 292. Check with your carrier for more information.


Flights may be overbooked in order to avoid international no-show passengers holding confirmed tickets, in this case EGYPTAIR will solicit volunteers who are willing to give up their seats for adequate compensations within rules established in these cases. Check with EGYPTAIR for the complete rules on payment of denied boarding compensation (DBC) and for information on the carrier’s boarding priorities.


Excess valuation may be declared on certain types of articles. Carriers may apply special rules for fragile, valuable, or perishable articles. (Check with EGYPTAIR.)
Checked Baggage: Carriers may permit a free checked baggage allowance, which is set by the carrier and may differ by class, and / or route. Carriers may apply extra charges for checked baggage in excess of their permitted allowance. (Check with EGYPTAIR.)
Cabin Baggage: Carriers may permit a free cabin baggage allowance, which is set by the carrier and may differ by class, route, and/or aircraft type. It is recommended that cabin baggage be kept to a minimum. (Check with EGYPTAIR). If more than one carrier is providing the transportation for your journey, each carrier may apply different rules on baggage (both checked and cabin).You must not include in checked baggage money, jewelry, precious metals, computers, mobile phones, personal electronic devices, negotiable papers, securities or other valuables include painting, antiques, artifacts, irreplaceable book publications, business documents, passports and other identification documents or samples. We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage and there are no any compensation payments for such items.


The time shown on the itinerary/receipt is the departure time of the aircraft. Flight departure time is not the same as the time you must check-in or the time you must be available for boarding. EGYPTAIR may refuse your carriage if you are late. Check-in times, as advised by EGYPTAIR are the latest times at which passengers can be accepted for travel; boarding times, as advised by EGYPTAIR are the latest times at which passengers must present themselves for boarding.


For safety reasons, dangerous goods must not be packed in checked or cabin (unchecked) baggage except as specifically permitted. Dangerous goods include but are not limited to: compressed gases, corrosives, explosives, flammable liquids and solids, radioactive materials, oxidizing materials, poisons, infectious substances, and briefcases with installed alarm devices.
For security reasons, other restrictions may apply. Check with EGYPTAIR.DANGEROUS GOODS Do not pack or carry onboard the items pictured below without checking with your carrier. Do not endanger your safety or the others. Contact EGYPTAIR for more information.
Dangerous goods


Passenger shall comply with government travel requirements; you are kindly requested to check all necessary travel documents before your travel: passport, visa and health certificate if required. Please note that in case of any violation to travel regulations, EGYPTAIR will not be liable and you will have to bear the consequences set by the countries authorities. For more detailed information for travel regulation please ensure to contact one of EGYPTAIR offices or visit our website at www.egyptair.com. If you change your reservation, please contact your travel agent or EGYPTAIR office.Change reservation fees might be applied. In case of no show, EGYPTAIR will regretfully be obliged to impose additional fees and your onward and/or return trip will be cancelled accordingly. At the time of booking, it is important for you to leave your address, phone number and email address in both points of origin and destination where you can be reached during your stay, so that we may inform you promptly of possible irregularities. ​